Rewritten Smiles

History and its facts are always malleable in an authority figure’s hands. I believe we are at a crossroads; where we can face the egregious errors of our past and address them, or ignore and downplay their significance until they cease to guide us. In many ways we can see positive forces that can dismantle idols to slave traders and racists, on the other hand we see the Trump administration taking America back by decades, ignoring and rewriting the past to serve themselves. “Rewritten smiles” depicts a young emaciated boy in a concentration camp, a horror of the Holocaust that implores us to never forget some of humanity’s most hideous sins. But the palette and style I chose, warps this image into to something abstract and whimsical, childlike and vague. I worry the hands that hold the veritable brushes in our society may take such liberties with history, painting away the horror to show only childlike reference, cherry picking details that paint their ideas of patriotism and tradition in the best (and an entirely ignorant) light.