The Grieving King Project

The Grieving King, a haunted spectre defined by sin, the mask soldered to his face depicts sorrow he is too mad to feel.

The Princess of Grief is a guise for an old one, used to entrance the player via her malicious plot.


Princess of Grief

"Their king was an envious soul, he desired respect unearned and in his furtive addiction, craving bore into mind and body. I was the centre of his jealous turmoil, a lowly daughter of the legions king, betrothed to him to assuage his ambition. In the hierarchy of kingdoms, he still found himself lacking and his unsatiable ambitions rendered him cruel. Madness seduced him and when my father came as guest of honour to witness our marriage, my husband-to-be emerged in a garb of my flayed flesh."
"My father was driven mad in rage but did not release him from his burdened form. He soldered a visage of grief to his face, but my father new little of the masks power and old ones whispered secrets to his addled mind. He found power to exact vengeance but not to escape his own insanity. "
"You understand this task I set is not vengeance, to slay this false king is to release him and claim his power for your own purpose. Take the mask, I only wish to see the deed done."

Tarnished Beggar

"That madman is one of many to bear such unflattering decor, thy lady promised power aye? And you her white knight?" the beggar falls into a fit of laughter, composing himself with sudden vigour he grabs your character. " Did she mention how her flesh came to walk again, hmmm? Of course not, one madman adorned her flesh and you're so sure this is the cadaver born anew? he releases the player and slumps into a muttering stupor.


The Grieving King Fight

Phase one - He attacks with obsidian daggers with deceptive agility and ariel lunges, he has one grab in which he sinks his daggers into your back and whispers to you in the following embrace,( whispers induce the status effect of madness, this state greatly increases damage but greatly reduces defence)
Phase two - The king himself slumps down in death, a series of tentacles burst from his form and raise its host in a monstrosity of twitching, intertwined limbs. This form lurches with great power and its tentacles smash with deadly precision. It will be defeated by cutting each tentacle away and collapse, but if the player fails to claim the mask in a timely fashion it will rise again and employ berserker style rush attacks, after this stage the player may take or leave the mask.

Guise of the Grief-Stricken Princess and The Treacherous old one

Phase one - If you choose to engage the princess of grief, she will laugh in a deep horrific tone , she attacks with her long flowing gown and its tendrils will grab at the player, if they do not cut them away the grab attack will be locked in by several over tendrils and the player is rendered helpless before her, she shall then remove your heart. If you die in this phase, she will skip to phase two next time you engage with higher health for that phase.
Phase two - Enraged by your persistence she reveals some of her true form and tentacle now protrude from her back. like the second phase of the Grieving King her tentacles swipe at you with great power while her body utilizes blood magic to try and create distance via projectiles.
Phase three - The apparent great chamber the fight has taken place in so far reveals itself as a pulsating organ of flesh and the walls become a danger to the player, spawning tentacles that attack the player when they get to close. This encourages you to fight close in the centre of the arena. (With extremely high insight this will be revealed prior to the fight.)
Phase four - She reveals her true self, her flesh falls away and the twisted deity reveals its shambling form, a mockery of human proportion that requires precise dodging with a series of cutting attacks from its various limbs in close combat.


Grieving Kings Mask - This item will allow you to receive levels from the Princess of Grief, at the cost of insight and permanently induces the madness status effect. Once worn it may only be removed by defeating the Guise of a Grief-Stricken Princess, with high enough insight you can hear the whispers of the Princess. This item is required to complete the Princess of Grief Questline and achieve the puppet of gods ending.

If you defeat the Guise of a Grief-Stricken Princess before the Grieving King, he will only have his first phase and his mask will appear cracked, this also reduces his damage greatly.
Original character created for @vaati_vid bloodborne 2 art challenge. And created with guidance from a recently completed course in concept art from @nachoyague which is available @domestika.
Greatly inspired by bloodborne and H. P. Lovecraft